Getting To Know Us

Welcome to our site and our Blog posts!

Our first blog will share a little insight into our business and we hope you make it to the end. If you don’t, be sure to join us for the next one!

What sets us apart?

We’re a small business. Really tiny, in fact. This works for us because we are hands-on and focussed on each project.

What is our history?

We’ve been providing our core services for several years across various sectors. It has always been a passion project and the last ten (10) years has helped us to hone our skills to a professional standard.

Where do we see our business in the next 5 years?

Growing, for sure.

What charities or organisations do we support?

We’ve been supporting several Non-Profit Organisations in Trinidad and Tobago in the social and sporting fields. We have also recently created our own social project called, “SP Care” where we continue to assist persons under our own name. SP Care will be officially launched at a later date and at this time, no one else is authorised to conduct business on our behalf.

What sets our company apart from our competitors?

Our rates. We can negotiate affordable rates for every client, without compromising on the quality we provide. We don’t pass expensive overheads on to our clients and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. The business relationship doesn’t end at the signing a contract. We create long-lasting relationships with all our clients.

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