Reading For Kids During Vacation

School’s out! While teachers are celebrating the end of another school year, parents are trying to find constructive ways to occupy the kids for eight (8) weeks. While the beach, movies and travelling are excellent ways to enjoy the vacation, we shouldn’t neglect those books!

Reading time should be fun for the kids. Find suitable books and activities to keep them engaged and set time limits so that they don’t get bored.

Hit the local libraries! I personally cannot recall the last time I saw kids at the local libraries during vacation. However, there are ongoing local programmes that the Library would provide so that activities can be organised and consistent.

Allow your children to read any book of their choice. They can only stand to benefit from reading and it would help if they truly enjoy reading a book of their choice outside of the classroom.

Here are some other ways the kids can benefit from reading:

How reading can help children (2)

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