The internet is undoubtedly incredible. Scrolling through on a daily basis not only helps us to connect with people across the globe, but somehow it has managed to connect with a local community that you may not have discovered otherwise.

Storytelling is one such community.

A quick Google search defines a “storyteller” as, quite simply, a person who tells stories. Stories remind us of our history and preserves cherished memories. Storytelling strikes a sense of nostalgia for the listener, engaging their senses and bringing them into a world of enchantment.

Storytelling in the Caribbean, in particular, has much deeper roots. It is a Caribbean tradition, rich in West African history and folklore. Contemporary storytelling on the other hand, has evolved into rich and vibrant tales of love, life and lessons. It transcends race, religion and politics and has evolved into an exchange of dreams, ideas and experiences.

These exchange of dreams, ideas and experiences will now form part of a unique feature here on the Social People blog. We invite you to look forward to an incredible monthly feature form July to December, where we hear from persons form all walks of life, eager to share their stories. Stay tuned!

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