Burn Away the Burnout

Long before the pandemic, the world was already experiencing an epidemic of burnout. Here are some ways to help you deal with your own experience of burnout during the pandemic:

Unplug early – Don’t start your day by looking at your phone. Take one minute to focus on your intention for the day or remember what you’re grateful for or simply take some conscious breaths.

Breathe slowly – This is a powerful stress reliever that works by activating our nervous system, which lowers our stress. Just inhale for a count of four, hold the air in your lungs full for a count of four, then exhale for a count of four.

Cut off – While being informed can help us feel more prepared in the middle of crisss, setting healthy limits to our media consumption can help us have a recharging night’s sleep and put the stressful news into perspective.

Reach out – Reaching out to others puts our stresses and worries into perspective, and gives us a much needed high that boosts our well-being.

End the day – The truth is that our working day never ends so we need to declare an end. Declare the end of the day by turning off your phone and ideally charging it outside of our bedroom.

Re-evaluate your priorities! Burnout is an unmistakable sign that something important in your life is not working. Take the time you need to re-think about your hopes, goals, and dreams. Create opportunities to rediscover what really makes you happy and give yourself time to rest, reflect, and heal.

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