A Kinder World

Imagine an entire day dedicated to reminding us to love and be loved!

Valentine’s Day can be truly spectacular for those who have love in their lives, but it can also be painful to those in need of good human relationships and connections. Not everyone is privileged to come from a happy home, to be surrounded by people who motivate and inspire them and to have people in their lives who support their grandest dreams and wildest ambitions.

These are the people we need to remember on this Valentine’s Day. To do this, we need to spend the other 364 days of the year cultivating a peaceful environment and creating a kinder world for each other.

Here’s how you can be a part of the movement to create a kinder world:

Start at home

Find small ways to connect with those closest to you. A quiet dinner with the family, a Sunday outdoor activity or a simple household chose you can assist someone with can make a huge difference. Sometimes your home may not be the happiest, so connect with friends and find ways to nurture your sense of compassion.

Make a gesture

Every so often, we at Social People support various charities, with our most inspirational one being Kind Network. This organisation routinely arranges and executes charitable projects and activities for Children’s Homes and Senior Citizens Homes in Trinidad. Their mandate is to spread kindness and cheer into the hearts of others. Social People’s involvement since the group’s inception has been pivotal and these gestures are grand to those on the receiving end.

Acknowledge those around you

Nobody likes the feeling of being ignored. Whether you’re at home, at work or waiting while the cashier settles herself before she turns to you. Instead of being impatient and annoyed, why not acknowledge her with, “I see today’s quite busy. I hope you’re taking your necessary breaks.” This can completely turn someone’s day around!

These are all simple and effective ways to make a change in our world today. Results may not be immediate, but over time, it can contribute towards creating and sustaining a much kinder world.

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